Jonathan Harris, 10/5/2009

Current Occupation: realtor
Former Occupation: Hollywood script reader
Contact Information: Jonathan Harris received his MFA from Pacific University and lives in Los Angeles with his beautiful wife, Jacqueline, and their two nifty kids, Mickey and Rebecca.  His poetry book The Wave That Did Not Break is slated for publication in 2010.

*     *     *

The Daily Grind

You are here at arrow point

mother nature draws back

her bow you want to die

knowing the big picture

start trudging up the hill

you huff by a lowly worm

who baits you to stop & talk

about Aristotle you point

at your wristwatch head up

the dusty trail where tiger

swallowtails twirl in midair

the brightest doubling back

to ask you if you’ve read

Plato “Me? No,” you blankly

reply slave to your desire

sight set on the summit

above Aristophanes’ clouds

you push on up the steep

slope your calves working

pistons accelerated heart-

beat the drum roll you hear

then a rimshot when you reach

the top & collapse beside

your boulder this is what

you love to do but of course

rolling down is easier.

*     *     *

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