Michael Casey, 11/7/2011

Current Occupation: Retired

Former Occupation: Creative Writing Instructor

Contact Information: Casey has a book Obscenities in the Yale Younger Poet Series. He has written several other books including Millrat and The Million Dollar Hole. His new book, Check Points, is due out soon from Adastra Press.



I have a friend named ffitch
he says it’s a Scot name
and begins with a lower case f
he pronounces it like it is one f
although maybe at one time it was different
I am reminded of the F Troop episode in which
Larry Storch plays a mountie
in pursuit of the Burglar from Bampff
I always thought Larry Storch brilliant
and he worked that word
into three or four syllables
then too
I am reminded of my boss
most called him the Big Bopper
but one of his nicknames
was the Big Booper
both shortened to BB
but the nick name I used and preferred
was always shortened to FF


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