WORK Evaluation

Please take a moment to share your feedback on WORK.

We’d like to hear your input!

1. Are you happy with the writing represented in WORK Literary Magazine?

2. What would you like to see more of?

3. What are the magazine’s strong points? What would you change?

4. Do you like the layout?

5. Do you read WORK at work, or share it with your friends?

  1. I like _Work_’s brevity and variety. Each week a different genre. I like the simple layout and its regularity (something to look forward to on a Monday morning). Keep up the great work.

  2. I really appreciate the Monday emails which help me remember to focus on my work–writing. I love the lay-out because it is so different from all other writing websites.

    Punctual. Focused. Professional. You get a raise.

  3. I think WORK is awesome! Thanks for helping keep my spirits up during the work week by reminding me that our daily office cube lives can make great fodder for stories, humor, etc. I think it definitely fills a void in the literary world – thanks!

    Love the layout and stories, especially the humorous ones.

  4. I look forward to receiving my copy of WORK each week. There’s some damned good writing in here. I like the layout and, yes, I read it at work. In fact, I’m working on a piece for you right now – at work. Oops – boss just walked in – gotta go.

  5. I’m delighted that there is now a magazine that understands that work is a subject to be written about! (Work is a great deal of what I write about, work being that ultimate meeting-point of the personal and political, and one of the greater parts of our lives, by volume.)

    I like the variety in WORK. I like its regular volunteer gig; I look forward to its continued presence in my company.

  6. I enjoy work more when I get a weekly dose of Work. I look forward to it every Monday in my inbox (sometimes even on Sunday night, you overachievers!)

    I also appreciate the short essays on work-related topics. A suggestion, I’d like to see something about corporate culture. The layout is awesome and unobtrusive. Keep up the great mag.

  7. I’m enjoying Work. Well conceived.

  8. Re: TGIF’s– Once again, I’m impresssed with the devaluation of the language, particularly the emphasis on “fun,” which becomes a sort of threatening, perverse undertone. The potential employee needs to be seduced by deceptive language. Is this a come-on for Cirque de Soleil or a description of what is, of course, just a JOB? Is one to be a Flying Wallenda or a drudge serving chow and drinks to a crowd of exhausted marginal alcoholics? No wonder the firm’s in trouble.
    Nice reportage and observation as usual. May I have another, Ma’am?

  9. Outstanding stuff, and I agree with everyone’s comments here. Ryan Bradley’s poem this time around was outstanding, perfect example of the gutteral response poetry should provoke. I’m proud that I might have done that a couple of times, such as in my WORK poem in an earlier issue. Bravo!!!

  10. I enjoy taking a few minutes away from my own work, to look at yours. The layout is unique and it’s easy to follow the links to all the great writing. Thanks, I know this must be a lot of work. There we go again…

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